Boarding & Grooming


Arlington-Dublin-Worthington Kennel

Our boarding service is offered as a convenience to our regular clients and their pets. We give priority reservation status to our regular veterinary clients. When we have space available, we are happy to serve others.

Tender Loving Care & Comfort

Our kennels and condominiums are supervised by veterinarians; that means we are required to maintain a higher standard of care for your pets. At no additional charge we provide the following:

  • Twice daily hands-on TLC
  • Cat condominiums separated from dog kennel
  • Radiant heated floors
  • Twice daily thorough cleaning
  • Premium pet foods served
  • 24-hour-a-day fire & security protection

We are happy to make special care arrangements at your request. Please discuss these arrangements with the veterinarian at your initial appointment.

Veterinary Supervision

All boarding pets receive veterinary supervision. If your pet needs medical attention while boarding, our veterinarians will provide any necessary treatment. The charges for these services will be collected on your pick-up appointment.

If Your Pet Needs Medication

If your pet is taking medication or requires medical supervision, the veterinarian will discuss your pet’s needs with you and will quote the applicable charges.

Checking In

You will need an appointment for dropping off and for picking up your pet. When you call to make your check-in appointment, please ask for directions to our kennel. You should allow about 30 minutes for your first check-in appointment. On your first visit with us, we will collect the charges for your pet’s boarding. This will ensure that we have adequately communicated with you about the boarding fees.

Medical Records

You will need to bring a copy of your pet’s medical record to your check-in appointment. A veterinarian will talk with you to be sure all your questions are answered. At that time, we will review your pet’s medical record. Any vaccinations or required preventive measures your pet needs can be performed during your check-in appointment.

Checking Out

During your check-in appointment, we will make a pick-up appointment for you. If your dog is with us for four days or longer, he/she will be treated to a bath, blow-dry, brushing and toenail trim, at a reduced grooming fee, prior to going home. For this reason, it is important to adhere to your appointment time or call us if you will have difficulty keeping your appointment.

Express Pick-Up

If you have paid all charges in advance, you may utilize our express pick-up service. Please ask for details.

Daily Boarding Rates*

Up to 20 pounds $20.95
21-40 pounds 21.95
41-60 pounds 22.95
61-80 pounds 23.95
81-100 pounds 24.95
Over 100 pounds 38.00
Runs 38.00
Puppies under 4 months 25.95
Bath – All dogs boarded 4 days or longer will be bathed before leaving.

Up to 40 pounds 33.00
41 pounds or more 35.00

For dogs over 100 pounds or any dogs who don’t fit comfortably in a large compartment, a run will be reserved for the full stay, at $38 per day.




(bring your own cage)

Parakeet, Canary, Cockatiel 20.95
Small Parrot (up to Amazon) 24.95
Cockatoo, Large Parrot 25.95
Other pets

Please ask for rates.*Rates are charged on a calendar day basis. The daily rate is charged for the day your pet is admitted, the day your pet goes home, and the days between.

Payment Policies

We collect boarding charges at your admission appointment. We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and debit cards.