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W. Yellowstone Veterinary Service

West Yellowstone Veterinary Service

West Yellowstone Veterinary Service was started in 1979 in response to the canine parvo virus epidemic. Amidst the beauty of nature, many of the local dogs were dying of parvo virus. The mission of West Yellowstone Veterinary Service was to make available in the town of West Yellowstone a veterinary service for the first time ever.

West Yellowstone Veterinary Service has had an ongoing interest in Yellowstone National Park and the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

The photos presented here are the result of a recent trip to see the new babies and the wildlife involved in the great migration back inside the Yellowstone National Park boundaries. More than thirteen bears were seen along with thousands of elk and bison and many other species: trumpeter swans, osprey, bald eagles, mountain goats, and big horn sheep.

Dr. Griffith was interviewed recently by the Discovery Channel's award-winning director Matthew Testa for his upcoming documentary on the buffalo field campaign.  Look for the program this Spring on Planet Green.

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