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Holistic Consultation/Second Opinion

For our clients who want a holistic approach to their pet’s healthcare, we offer a holistic consultation. For those who have sought advice elsewhere, but who need additional information, we offer second opinions. These more extensive visits afford you more time and attention to the many facets of your pet’s health. For maximizing your pet’s nutrition and wellness; or for treating cancer, lameness, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or other health problems, we want to give you as much help as possible in giving your pet a healthy life. Read Dr. Donn's Philosophy for more information on our approach.

The costs for a holistic consultation or second opinion include:

  • $58 Office Visit
  • $146 for 30 minutes of the doctor's time ($73 for each additional 15 minutes)
    Total for a 30-minute holistic consultation or second opinion: $204*

    *Dr. Griffith may recommend diagnostic work and/or supplements or products that he believes will help your pet.  Those items would add additional cost to your visit.  You are free to accept or decline those recommendations.

    It is most helpful to us if you bring to your appointment the following items (faxing them ahead of time is not as helpful):
  • In one page or less, your statement telling what you would like to learn or gain from your visit.
  • Laboratory test results
  • X-Rays
  • Medical notes and records (We prefer that they are arranged in chronological order, with most recent on top.)
  • Your questions
  • Observations, including a diary of observations in chronological order, beginning the first time a problem was noticed.
  • Original containers of any medications and/or supplements your pet is taking; full brand name and type of your pet's food.

When you call for your appointment, pease let us know if you would like more than 30 minutes with the doctor.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the appointment time to fill in the registration form, or print one and fill it out at home.

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